Nevada County
Home Birth

Supporting families through pregnancy, birth and beyond.


Proud parents welcome their first baby at home :)
Mother and father with their new born.

My services include:

Breastfeeding at a postpartum visit at my office in Grass Valley.
  • Monthly prenatal visits until 28 weeks
  • Bi-weekly prenatal visits until 36 weeks
  • Weekly prenatal visits until delivery
  • One in-home visit at 36 weeks
  • Birth-Labor to at least 2 hours postpartum
  • One, three and seven-day post birth visits in the home
  • Three and six week office visits
  • One birth class and one newborn/breastfeeding class

During your prenatal appointments I monitor nutrition, weight, blood pressure and urine as well as the baby’s growth, position and heart rate. Each of your appointments is scheduled for an hour so we have ample time to get to know each other and address any questions or concerns you may have. I am also available to my clients by phone or pager any time. Postpartum, I handle normal newborn care for the first six weeks. I am also here indefinitely to answer your questions regarding everyday care, breastfeeding, herbal alternatives and additions to allopathic therapies.

Snuggled up at home in Grass Valley
Mom and dad getting excited about the birth of their baby!
Parent's holding their newborn's feet
Sweet family after their home birth in Grass Valley
Alison happy after another great home birth
Sibling love - youngest sister was born at home
Baby boy born at home
Victorious home birth after a long labor!
Midwive and a baby at the office
Another healthy baby born at home.
Beautiful pregnant belly
New mom and baby in Nevada City
Baby girl, born at home
Alison enjoying a postpartum visit
Happy new family

My Philosophy

As a midwive, my passion and purpose is to guide women and families safely through the transformational experience of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and the postpartum. I believe that being attended at home by a midwive gives you the best possible chance for a natural birth and a healthy outcome for both mother and baby. My goal is to support you in having the birth that you want, just as I have supported hundreds of other women in giving birth with patience, strength and courage.

Baby Odelia

I understand that childbearing is a normal part of women’s lives and that women’s bodies are beautifully made to give birth. Good midwifery care is a balance of what you do every day (good nutrition, moderate exercise, relaxation and self-care) and the clinical care that is provided to assure that both mother and baby are well and thriving. I serve my families with knowledge, skill and a great deal of humor! I want you to enjoy your care and have fun as we work together to build a relationship of confidence and trust. The bond between midwives and clients is a key factor in the success of home birth - feeling safe and relaxed allows your body to work effectively and for the process of labor to unfold. With health, safety, and well-being my highest priority, I strive to support you and your family in having the best possible birth experience.

Who I am

Alison Osborn

Alison Osborn


Alison Osborn is a Licensed Midwife with over 40 years’ experience and excellence in midwifery. She has been active in midwifery politics much of her life, working for the rights of families to be safely attended at home. She has written professional articles, served as a president of the California Association of Midwives (CAM) and has taught many students who are now Licensed Midwives with practices of their own. She has been grateful to attend over 1,325 births.